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III ENDURANCE 24h Esport Arena Espoo * 30 - 31.01.2010 *

The III Endurance 24h -competition will be held at the end of January 2010. The venue will be Esport Arena in Espoo also at this time. The Arena is located about 20km from Helsinki City center and it is easy to reach via good connections from the airport.

How to get to the arena from the airport:
Webtool for public trasportation route planning:
In English - På Svenska

For example from airport to Esport Arena:
From/Från: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Vantaa
To/Till: Koivu-Mankkaan tie 5, Espoo

These hotels are the nearest  from Esport Arena:
There are more hotels and hostels in Helsinki, but Helsinki city
center is approx. 15 km from Esport Arena.

The Arena:
The race will be run on a 390 m mondo-surfaced indoor track. The track is officially measured 7.11.2007 by Olli-Matti Penttinen. The conditions on the arena will be perfect, whether you are aiming for a new national record or are just enjoying unforgettable experience. Temperature is about 18-20°C (about 65°F).

The race is limited to 120 runners.
  • 40 places are reserved for Non-Finnish runners, in registration order. 
  • 60 places are reserved for Finnish runners, in registration order. 
  • 20 places are reserved for international elite-level runners, who have 24 hour result at least 220 km (Men) or 200 km (Women) or achievements comparable to those results. Results done after 1.1.2007 are eligible as qualification.

Special Notice: In case you, for some reason, need to cancel your participation: please, inform it to us as soon as possible. Thank You very much. If your cancellation happens before 31.12.2009 you will get your registration fee refunded.

Competition and venue information:
  • 24 hour running race. Classes: Women and Men
  • Start time: Saturday, January 30th 2010, 12:00. End time: Sunday, January 31st, 12:00
  • Toilets are located very close to the running track and service tables are just few meters away from the track.
  • Running direction will be reversed every six hours.
  • The lap counting will be done with the ChampionChip-system. The chip transponders will be provided by the organizers

Following information is needed:
  • Name (First name, Last name)
  • Class (Women/Men)
  • Club or City
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Your Email-address
  • Best results in 100km, 12h, 24h and/or other remarkable (ultrarunning) achievements
You will get confirmation when your registration is received and your name will be added in participation list. You have to pay your registration fee within two weeks after sending your registration form (citizens of EU/ETA and Switzerland). Non-EU participants are also recommended to pay beforehand, but they have an option to pay on location.

Participation fee is 80 EUR. The registration is not official before participation fee has been paid.

IBAN account number: FI23 1347 3000 4131 57
Beneficiary: Endurance Ultrarunning Team Finland

Prizes: Fastest runners will be awarded, some prizes will be raffled. Every runner gets a medal, technical T-shirt and diploma.

Aid Station:
Good support is available during the event (energy drink, water, banana, salted cucumber, raisins, potato chips, pasta with sauce etc.). Runners are allowed to use their own support. Further information will be added here later.

Energy drink offered is Squeezy Orange (5%) which has no artificial sweeteners nor color ingredients.

Contact persons:  
  • Esa Nurkka Tel. +358 50 555 5165 (media connections)
  • Arto Ahola (Endurance Ultrarunning Team Finland, chairman)
  • Jari Tomppo ( webmaster, registrations)
  • Complete results, including the lap times, will be published on internet after the race.
  • During the event it is possible to follow the race as situation will be updated on internet after every hour. The addresses of result pages will be published later.
Other: There will be no insurance for participants by organizers. Everybody competes at his/her own risk.

II Endurance 24h
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III Endurance 24h photos:
Esko Anttila
Pertti Eho
Marko E. Takanen (email)

II Endurance 24h photos:
Pics 1 / Pics 2 / Pics 3 /
Pics 4Pics 5

I Endurance 24h photos:

Pertti Eho
Daniel Gillberg


Competition Records:
W: 212,103 km, Edit Bérces (HUN, 2009)
M: 241,210 km, Reima Hartikainen (SWE, 2007)

Nordic Indoor Records:

W: 211,347 km, Sharon Broadwell (NOR, Oslo 2007)
M: 246,580 km, Henrik Olsson (SWE, Oslo 2007)

World Indoor Records:

W: 237,861 km, Eleanor Robinson (GBR, Milton Keynes 1990)
M: 275,567 km, Nikolai Safin (RUS, Podolsk 1993)

IAU Bronze Label #85

IAU bronze label