Endurance 24h 1-2.12.2007 Esport Arena

The Final results

.12. 10.30
Reima 227,76 km, Tero 216,84 km and Mikael 203,97 km. Outi 192,66 km, Anja 180,96 km and Torill 180,18 km. We do not know how the race will end, but we have put some nice pictures at 21-24h section

02.12. 9.00
Three hours to go... Reima is at 212,6 km and he looks very strong, 240 km result is definitely possible! Tero Hyppölä, Mikael Andersson and Mikael Heerman will also run over 200 km, unless something surprising happens. Outi Siimes should also pass the 200 km mark in her 24h debut, setting a new national record for Finland. But let's wait the remaining 3 hours first...

2.12. 7.00
Reima Hartikainen's lead over Tero Hyppölä is now well over 5 km, Mikael Andersson is running third. Of the top runners, Arto Ahola, Harri Anttila and Tero Päivärinne had a long resting pause in the morning hours, but are now back on the track.

Outi Siimes leads the ladies' race by 7 km over Torill Fonn Hartikainen, Anja Samse is third.

2.12. 04.40
Some video footage from Endurance 24h (taped at around 13 h) can be watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3qCi86Qdeg

2.12. 03.25
The atmosphere is great here at Esport Arena The snow storm that we can see through the windows just adds to the cozy feeling here!

Outi Siimes just took over the lead in the ladies´race, but Torill is only 4 seconds behind her. Reima Hartikainen still dominates the men's race, Tero Hyppölä is some 2,5 km behind him.

2.12. 02.00
10 hours left of the race. Reima Hartikainen is firmly in the lead, Tero Hyppölä is 2,3 km behind him. Torill still leads the ladies' race, but Outi Siimes is only 2,6 km behind Torill in her debute 24h race.

2.12. 00.30
12 hour results are in the On-Line Resultrs section, Reima and Torill rule the race! There are more pictures at 09-12h and 12-15h sections. Thank you for all the greetings that you have sent, we print and deliver the messages to the runners, even the ones that have been sent "från soffan med en öl"!

1.12. 22.40
The race goes on. There have been two major retirements so far, Peeter Vennikas had to stop because of back problems and Andriyi Solodnikov retired due to stomach problems.
Harri Anttila just crossed the 100 km line at 9.17, he will be followed by Tero Hyppölä, Stefan Lindvall, Reima Hartikainen, Arto Ahola, Mikael Andersson, Jari Soikkeli and Heikki Järvenpää.

The top three ladies at the moment are Torill Fonn Hartikainen, Outi Siimes and Anja Samse.

1.12. 19.30
After 7 hours 30 minutes the top runners were: Harri Anttila, Stefan Lindvall, Tero Hyppölä, Reima Hartikainen, Mikael Andersson, Heikki Järvenpää, Arto Ahola, Jari Soikkeli and Toril Fonn Hartikainen. 

1.12. 18.00
Running direction was reversed after 6 hours. Stefan Lindvall is leading, but Harri Anttila and Tero Hyppölä are running strong and catching up on Stefan. Torill Fonn Hartikainen is still leading the ladies' race, but Masae Kamura and Anja Samse are catching up.

We added some pictures from the time of reversal.  

1.12. 17.00
After 5 hours running 15+ runners had run more than 50 km, if they don't slow down during the remaining 19 hours, they would all run 240 km or more! 65 runners are still in pace for a 200 km finish. Although most of the runners seem to be in good shape so far, we might see some wear and tear in the night time.
We have added new pictures of the top runners after 4 hours at "Pictures from Arena" 03-06h section.

1.12. 15.00
Three hours have gone, and 67 of the 95 runners have run more than 25 km. But are they all gong to finish with a 8 x 25 km result?!

1.12. 14.00
After two hours running 21 runners have run more than 20 km, full results at On-Line Results link. We have added more pictures to the "Pictures from the Arena" section.

1.12. 12.35
Full results after 30 minutes run can be seen at On-Line Results link.

1.12. 12.10
The race is on! Reima Hartikainen and Stefan Lindvall are the fastest runners on the lap at the moment.

1.12. 10:30
Valmistelut ovat hyvässä vauhdissa, yli puolet kilpailijoista on jo ilmoittautunut.

More than 50 runners have already registered, and a bus load of Swedish runners just arrived!

1.12. 9:00:
Kisakanslia avataan ja numeroiden jako alkaa...

24.11. 17:45
Website updated.

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